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High Speed Harness Tester

Downer EDI has been contracted to design and manufacture new rail carriages for the NSW City Rail network.

Partech Systems in conjunction with SEFELEC of France is developing a high speed continuity tester that will enable Downer EDI engineers to verify the functionality of the wiring harnesses during manufacture and through life.

The harness testers will utilise already proven leading edge technology to ensure that wiring fitted to the train cabs is serviceable prior to full fit out of the electrical and electronic systems.

The testers will be capable of:

  • Continuity test in 2 and 4 wires mode up to 2.5 A
  • Insulation test up to 4200 VDC
  • Hipot test up to 6000 VDC
  • Component test (capacitor, diode, inductance etc.)
  • Shielding test, twisted pairs, coaxial cable measurement
  • Stimuli and functional tests for relay, light etc.
  • Optical fibre testing
  • Reflectometry diagnostics