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JSF TPS Development

Partech develops Test Program Sets (TPS) in support of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program. Our first TPS was delivered in April 2006.

We have successfully delivered Test Program Set hardware and software to Northrop Grumman - Radio Systems of San Diego and are currently working on upgrading these TPSs to accommodate the requirements of the production version designs.

The TPSs were hosted on the Lockheed Martin LM Star ATE and developed IAW LM Star TPS Development Style Guide and Partech Systems TPS development procedures.

We used the Partech Systems ´JSET´ quality software tools during TPS software development to ensure adequate fault coverage was achieved.

Working together with the NG design team, Partech developed the Test Requirements to define all test software and hardware required for the TPS development lifecycle.

Partech designed and built the specialised interface device to the LM Star ATE.

Partech has developed tests for the following JSF technologies:

  • JTAG
  • Fibre Channel
  • Fire Wire
  • LVDS
  • RS485
  • Digital
  • Xilinx CPLD
  • Xilinx FPGA
  • Ethernet

Partech designed all of the test software which included diagnostic routines to functional group level.

Partech also implemented Acculogic JTAG routines that gave the ability to diagnose faults to node level for much of the UUT circuitry.

Partech developed routines to program UUT software (test software and OFP) over Ethernet and JTAG bus.


Partech maintains the LM Star ATE on behalf of Lockheed Martin Corporation.

Partech undertakes routine maintenance, repairs and software upgrades, obviating the need for LM to devote costly resources to these tasks.