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Level Crossing Controller

In conjunction with Rail Innovation Australia (RIA) from Queensland, the University of Wollongong and with established rail industry players, Partech is developing a fail safe solar powered level crossing control system.

The level crossing controller is designed to address the human and economic toll that continues to mount throughout Australia as a result of avoidable accidents at uncontrolled level crossings.

We are pulling together a range of newly developed technologies that together will provide a viable solution that has evaded Industry for many years.

Partech´s innovative approach involves for the first time the following technologies:

  • Mesh communications network, with self repair capability, and multiple levels of redundancy
  • Satellite communications for fault and status reporting
  • Magnetic anomaly detectors for train detection
  • Low power solar application

Partech´s solution involves many additional measures to influence driver behaviour including: advance warning signals, audio signalling to drivers and high visibility LED warning lights.