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Test Program Set Development

Partech is an acknowledged leader in providing Test Solutions for the ADF, providing high quality, indigenous in-country support for key defence platforms.

Our experienced Test Engineering Team can provide test solutions incorporating automated test or special to type equipment.

Partech Systems has many years of testing industry experience and delivers a broad range of applications that minimise test and repair times and meet all requirements for validation, integrity and traceability.

We can provide specifications development, technical consulting and hardware/software development utilizing the most advanced technologies.

From the early stages of requirements capture, through to the development of testing methodologies, custom programming and complete systems integration. We can:

  • Develop the test requirement documentation (TRD)
  • Develop and build the required ATE interface adapters
  • Implement and code the test requirements
  • Produce engineering and operator documentation

TPS Updates

It is often required that test programs be updated to accommodate hardware or software design changes or indeed updated due to faulty or intermittent operation. Partech has the capability to upgrade any test program and with our extensive reverse engineering experience can develop new tests from the minimum of source data. We can:

  • Update the interface hardware
  • Update code
  • Maintain new test system hardware
  • Maintain Test Programs

TPS Offload

Test equipment obsolescence is a serious problem in automated test equipment (ATE) systems today. It is not always practical to continue updating older, increasingly unsupportable ATE and it may be necessary to ´offload´ the TPS onto more up to date and maintainable test equipment. Partech Systems can re-host old TPS's onto any new ATE. We can:

  • Source or design suitable test equipment
  • Design suitable interface hardware
  • Adapt test code to new systems
  • Update documentation